Joeboy – “Somewhere Between Beauty And Magic” Review

On February 1st, 2021, Joeboy tweets the tracklist and album art for his latest work titled ” Somewhere Between Beauty and Magic ” and below is what he said about the album : “Having to create records that are life-changing is one of life’s greatest gifts to humanity. I’ve lived in the music to a […]

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Davido – “A Better Time Album” Review

Davido Experimented And Shines On “A Better Time” | Album Review The beauty of Davido’s rise to fame is the fact that although born rich he thrives too well in the art that defines his passion. Fans and critics have different opinions about an artiste but the true weight is laid on the artiste who […]

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Olamide – “Carpe Diem Album” Review

Carpe diem is a Latin aphorism, usually (though questionably) translated “seize the day” or as a Nigerian, you can say, “As E Dey Hot” Come to think of it, who else can cash into the new wave and trend sweeping across Africa to the world ? Who’s the most versatile, sharp edge Naija artiste that […]

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