Ts blaqbonez …shout out to terry bt na me b rapman…Ts a joke C ma 32

Omo omo omo omo I b zombie//
Wen am repping repping D street U know ow d zone B//
all black e’rtin I b police//
I “sabi virgins” if I em say blaq novice [know Vees]//

Y’all B lackling flows so wot d hell u coming for/
M gunnin y’all ts ur down fall am ‘plottin’g y’all/
‘X’ b fucking up so am on ‘y’ nd dropping bombs//
Ma 4s b shuttin doors 1, 2 u buckle up//
D fo-fos-pop d homos-drop d po-po-comes//
N y’all break fast lyk coco-pops//
Nd right now I b headed for the jogular//
Don did a couple ah…nd ma rymz getting popular//
U culd call me marcopolo cz I b big boss//
Y’all all b talking money,,, rick ross//
Am light years ahead y’all niggas runner up/
Geddit? Race on burj kalyfa runner ups//
Den I shoot quick for front lyk boobs surgery//
Ama end ur books u culd call me glossarys//
Y’all b 2nd samuel nigga u behind d king//
Ma punches xpensive lyk a hand wt a diamond ring//
Y’all aint in d picture lyk u b photographer//
Y’all lyk flocka’s flame y’all niggas wackea//
Omo optometrist no fit even deal wt I [eye]//
Am sharons stone u die wen u fuck wt I //
Y’all claiming sick mehn hospital don full yo//
We carry stone for car we rock booth yo//
Ts rap am rapping till am rapped up in em mogues cloths//
Ts amazing ow ma ryming nd da tyming dat I murk hoes//
I nevr reach half bt I b killing it//
Ma Lyrics revealing am spiting u feeling nd am getting it//
C I don’t dull ask wizkid//
Call it toilet after sex dey say am hard in dz shit//
Wen I roll wt lamboghini em still dey roll dice//
Omo na innerwear if em say I no try//
Rappers resemble daffy na y em dey duck blows//
Sumtn lyk pig for matter una dey pock [pork] nose//

Omo omo omo omo I b zombie//
Wen am repping repping ma street em know wo d zone B//
Omo all black e’rtin I b police//
I “sabi virgins” if I em say blaq novice [know Vees]//

Am coming wt d ill flows d bitch knows I kill hoes//
bokoharam small am coming @ y’all wt em big blows//
Life z short n fair…rita dominic//
Am nt going am coming ma dick still pumping//
Molenu Pom pom pom call me car horn//
Lyk high garages nigga… I make em Pack[park] Up//
Dem say I get delivery I don born tire//
I no B 2 face bt I don born tire//
Dey say am hard bred [bread]… agege 2days//
Ma punches X nd O dey go 2 ways//
Dey call me jackman cz ma dick huge[hugh]//
Wen am winning eleven believ no b Ps2//
Omo naija.. pull up in ma legediz//
No b 9ja rapper. Wen I mk em remineces//
Omo na me “good pass” dey call me “xavi ball”//
if u looking for dopeness heee I be bros//
No b by mouth or buy lips//
Wen I spit imbeciles dey cut reps am rated highly//
No b yaradua …I mk u die lean//
Am nt ur ‘size’ so no dey try me//
U wan snap bonez dats photography
And u step wit me na Chorography//
Ma barz ruthless nigga u can’t fuck with dis//
Nd ma lines off d hook sum ppl call me luck fish//

Beat don finish??

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