I remember
I remember when i was young ti mo ma n wo se micheal jackson
Mo n ma ji iwe buruku ka dada pelu nancy
Mo n ma wo ltv gan mo like music ati acting
Mo n ma wo Victor and ugo vultron danger miles supertech
Television this days is super dead
Game na o je ki n focus lori ise mi ni school
Won ran mi ni boarding school copra ayetoro
Ayewa toro ayewa toro
Jss1 Jss2 mowo jss3
Break jss wo sss my mama passed on damn
Ko tete ye mi what you mean she passed on
Don’t fvck with me man eje tete pe pastor
To ma resurrect won ki n to lo di actor
Ki n to ma destroy everything pelu were factor

Couple weeks after reality ti set in
Am in this cold world all alone and thats all that am getting
Ibo ni ma gbe bayi daddy mi wa ni Ogun state
Brought up in a broken home mind mi wani dark state
Moved lo si odo grandma but the world all love
Mummy awon aburo yin fvck up gan mhen its all gone
Then i shifted my attention to my old father
Aint no the man loves me so much until after

Ta n wa get close
Ishe e lo mi on the nose
Ensure pe mo kawe even ti n ba fe se mojo
Am like kosofo macapoly
Ti n ba se tan igba melo ni won ma n fi blow
But calculations mi wrong
Learnt harder with sick songs
Rapping me ya were gan 7yrs ni mo fi blow
Danm, i ain’t know shii was this tough
Mo blow pelu pako
Won de lo run bi pako
Niggas doubted my ayefele so i switched up my rap flow

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Toluwani Adeboye


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