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Daddy daddy
why do you record?
why do you have to make music?

wake up in the morning what do i do today
shit, je kin lo shi Qbase
ol’orin ti baddo send simi to ye kin tunse
but first karizona koko ragbo 2bay
puff puff pass, to’ ba jina
malo fe o ma pass
emi shagbo sori kin le ronu pass
nko to fe baj, kin le tunse fast
awon omo mi wa nle, today is not a school day
it’s kinda hard to focus
omo no be today, lack of concentration yen o ma gara gan, ko se juwe
i’m about to waste two days

I wrote a verse before but don’t like it
je kin shi notepad mi i’m about to rewrite it
the profession is in me, it’s always on decided
gbogbo verse mi lo gbodo ni pass mark nike
that ain’t happening
pelu awon to’n gu keke kiri ninu compound yi
awon fans ma understand pe mo ni daycare
alaga rap whatever you can rap and take care
in order words vibes on inshallah
modupe fo’lorun to da mi alhamdulillah
in order word vibes on inshallah
modupe fo’lorun to da mi alhamdulillah

vibes on Inshallah (6X)

daddy daycare
party plus vibe
ko ye e
to ba ma korin pelu awon omo nule wa se suru gan
pelu opolopo lakaye

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